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Top 10 Entertainment Leaders to Watch Out for in 2024

Paul Adam Brown is a dynamic, innovative entrepreneur and a distinguished business advisor. As a proud Georgia Tech graduate, Paul stands out not just as a finance expert, but also an inventor and a sports enthusiast.

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BigHoops brings social basketball entertainment to Atlanta

Imagine Topgolf, but it’s basketball indoors; gather with your buddies, enjoy food and beverage, and laugh - or marvel - at each other’s attempts to be Steph Curry. That’s what BigHoops will offer...

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NBA Trade Deadline Pt. 1 | Buddy Hield, Kelly Olynyk, Gordon Hayward & Yesterday's Minor Deals

Thanks to the No Dunks Team coming out to get a sneak peak at BigHoops!Tweet of the Night - BigHoops

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BigHoops Emerges From Stealth With Pilot Location and Thousands of Happy Beta Customers

BigHoops, an Atlanta-based startup, is building the first tech-infused, basketball-themed, entertainment dining experience based on one of the world's most popular sports.

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